3110, 2018

A Quarterly Newsletter 

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Trends in Focus – youth migration in Somalia 
Drivers of youth migration in Somalia
Mogadishu – September 30, 2018: Youth migration has seen a significant spike over the last few years in urban settings throughout Somalia. There are many factors that prompt urban youth to consider migrating through risky journeys and troubled waters across the Mediterranean. These factors […]

2807, 2016

3 Ways We Can Tackle Youth Employment

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Getty Image.

Guy Ryder :Director-General of the International Labour Organization

Every two years, the International Labour Organization produces a report on labour-market trends for young people. It’s called the Global Employment Trends for Youth (GET Youth) and the most recent edition makes for sobering reading.

It shows that the reality for far too many young women and men […]

2304, 2016

Asleep somewhere new, one brain hemisphere keeps watch

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Detection in detail A rich array of electrodes in the sleep lab allowed for widespread but sensitive sensing of brain activity.Michael Cohea/Brown University
Research from Brown University.
Have trouble sleeping on your first night in a new place? A new study explains what’s going on in the brain during that “first-night effect.”
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — People who […]

1909, 2015

Welcome to CRYD

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